Lighting retrofit program

Updated Lighting Can Save Money

When a business faces the welcome need to increase production there’s almost always an increase in energy consumption. When a business faces a downturn, addressing high energy bills can also be a long term strategy to increasing profit margins.

In a 2014 survey, 73% of Canadian businesses said that energy efficiency was a high priority for them. 61% reported energy cost increases, but only 27% believe they are doing all they can to save energy.*

VETS Electrical is focused on helping businesses improve energy efficiency through our lighting retrofit program and consequently, saving our customers money. Although all businesses can benefit from upgrading their lighting, businesses with metal halide lights can expect to see the biggest energy savings. Compared with LED lighting, the average metal halide light will consume over twice as much energy as LED lights. Metal halide lights also carry yearly maintenance costs, whereas LED lights have no bulbs or ballasts and do not require any maintenance over the course of their life.

41% of businesses according to the aforementioned survey, are worried about the upfront cost of retrofitting their lighting. This is why VETS offers the ability to finance larger projects, and in many cases the monthly financing payments are offset by the energy savings.

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