Explosion Vents and Ducts

Explosion vents are safety devices used to provide pressure relief in a dust collection system. When internal pressures start to surge after an explosion, the vents open up to relieve that pressure thus reducing the risk of loss of life, damage to equipment or the building.

When to use An Explosion Vent

  • In a perfect world, you would never have to use an explosion vent. However, since the world of manufacturing and other industrial processes is not perfect - it is crucial to have explosion vents and ducts installed for the safety of your facility and personnel.
  • Explosion vents are not only used for emergency purposes. In processes that produce significant consistent explosions, the vents are freely discharged preventing flames from encountering the protected equipment. Ductwork can be used to vent the flames and associated gases safely outside the building.

Types of Explosion Vents

There are two main types of explosion vents:

  • Self destructive – a one time explosion vent that must be replaced before operation continues.
  • Reusable – an explosion vent that can be used repeatedly and is also know as an abort gate.  An abort gate must be manually reset before the system can be operational.

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