Back Draft Dampers

The main principle behind backdraft dampers is allowing airflow in one direction while restricting it in the other. Back draft dampers are ideal for evacuating odors or providing circulation in a one-way route.

Backdraft Damper Products

There are a few different types of back draft dampers, including:

  • Back pressure dampers are used as a safety device in pneumatic conveyance systems. The placement of the damper is typically outside of the process area or building and in front of a dust collector. This style of damper is used to stop back pressure situations, such as explosions, from returning through a ducting system to the building or process area - which will cause extensive damage.
  • Gravity type dampers or mechanically actuated type of dampers are used in conjunction with a fan to exhaust air from a given space. When the fan is not in operation, the damper closes and does not allow air to flow back into the space or ductwork.

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