Spark Detector Arrestor Extinguish Systems

Spark detectors are used to identify an ignition point or light source. After a spark is detected, the extinguish system kicks into action to snuff out the flame as quickly as possible.

Limiting the spark or source within the ductwork of the dust system begins with spark detection and extinguish systems.

Spark Causes in Your Facility

  • Fires and explosions are a risk to manufacturing facilities because they can arise from many seemingly everyday operations. Dull tools, damaged metal bearings, and overheating motors are just a few of the common areas of sparks. If these embers are allowed to reach a dust collector, filter, or material silo, the results can be catastrophic to both plant and personnel.
  • Spark detection and extinguish systems increase your risk management process. These devices not only help prevent devastating fires, they also lessen the risk of damage to equipment, manufacturing lines, and machinery ensuring that production keeps moving forward.
  • Build up becomes an unnecessary fire and explosive risk. Dust collecting methods help reduce the potential for buildup of debris on beam structures and machinery.

Don’t put your facility at risk, keep it under surveillance with a quality spark detection and extinguish strategy.

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