Industrial Dampers

While your industrial ductwork is extremely important for transferring air throughout a facility, it’s the industrial dampers that control this air flow. When a damper opens, it delivers the important air flow needed for the design parameters of the system.

Why Your Facility Needs Dust Dampers

  • Industrial dampers are critical safety devices. They are outfitted as backdraft or pressure relief devices in restaurant and manufacturing applications. In short, dampers deliver air when needed but they can also be used to prevent air from going in the wrong direction.
  • Dampers are a key component to the system because they provide balancing to ensure optimum efficiency  For example, dampers can control airflow in HVAC zoning systems. Your facility can be divided into several zones and groups that can all be set to different temperatures or humidity specifications. The damper controls the airflow to these zones, lessening the load on your industrial HVAC system in the process.

Industrial Damper Products

Industrial dampers typically fulfill one of these main needs:

  • Air Control – control air flow in a facility and provide emergency shutoff in HVAC and industrial process systems.
  • Backdraft and Pressure Relief – dampers that allow air flow in one direction only. These devices prevent backflow but allow relief when needed.
  • Blast – heavy duty devices that form a barrier against blasts or drastic pressure changes.

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