Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans are one of the most important aspects of your air management system. The fans increase the volume and speed of the captured air offering you maximum control in both low capacity and high capacity settings.

Centrifugal fans are the most prevalent type of fans in the HVAC industry and are often used to move gases and other types of materials through building ventilation systems.

When looking for centrifugal fans, consider:

  • Air volume
  • Static pressures

Understanding how much air you need to move and the level of resistance will help you choose the correct design for your intended use.

Fan Types

  • Airfoil fans for moving high volumes of clean air at low-to-medium static resistance
  • Backward curved fans designed for high volume applications at high static pressures
  • Backward inclined fans for moving high volumes of air at a variety of pressures
  • Forward curved fans for moving high volumes of air at medium pressure

The Differences Between Fans

  • The main difference between backward facing curved fans and forward facing models are their intended use. Backward curved blades are designed mostly for intake suction. Pressure builds up in the impeller which means protective scroll housing is not required.
  • Forward curved blades move air with force. These types of centrifugal fans are especially beneficial when a high volume of air needs to be moved through a tight and confined space. Forward facing bladed centrifugal fans are usually outfitted with a scroll housing for added durability.

The fans are used in both a functional manner such as heat delivery as well as removing dust and debris.

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