Baghouse and Dust Control Filters

Our baghouse filters and dust collection filters allow your machinery and equipment to complete production without compromising the internal air supply.

The baghouse in your facility is much more elaborate than the filter one might find on a residential HVAC system. The baghouse filters are numerous tubes that attract particles instead of merely getting in their way.

Baghouse filters collect dust by:

  • Separating contaminated air entering the baghouse or cartridge collector via cyclonic action or drop box (depending on the model)
  • Large debris particles fall into the baghouse hopper while smaller debris particles accumulate inside the baghouse filter fabric
  • A cleaning mechanism in the baghouse uses one of the three methods to clean off the filters (pulsed air, constant air, or a shaker motion).
  • The clean filtered air circulates out the top of the baghouse or dust collector

Baghouse systems are often used in steel mills and power plants with lumber, food, and chemical producers.

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