Air Circulators

Air circulators are used to prevent buildup of material on beams and equipment. In their simplest form, air circulators and cyclones are fans with much more power than your standard residential box window fan.

NFPA regulations state that dust accumulation is not allowed to exceed 1/8”. With proper air circulation in a facility, it ensures that exposure is kept below the TLV (threshold limit value).

We also offer a wide variety of air circulators across numerous air flow ranges (CFM – cubic feet per minute).

What to Look For in Air Circulation and Cyclone Fan Systems

  • CFM High – the amount of cubic feet per minute is the volume of air that the fan is capable of producing. Each application is different and will require detailed specs to determine proper fan sizing.
  • Mounting – typical mounting is usually on a ceiling or wall depending on equipment placement and building layout.  
  • Oscillating – a majority of industrial air circulation products are stationary but we also offer oscillating models if that is a need. The oscillation of the fans allows for larger areas to be serviced, thus requiring fewer fan placement overall.
  • Miscellaneous – there are a number of other features to look for in air circulators and cyclone fans that can range in importance, depending on your intended use, this can include blade diameter and voltage.

The perfect air circulator for all of your needs is here, just contact us to help you find the right one.