Dust Control

We offer an extensive product line that accomplishes tasks such as creating circulation in the plant, filtering the air that is delivered to the workplace, and collecting the dust and debris that is produced from everyday working conditions.

Failure to implement proper dust control features, products, and practices creates an unhealthy environment for workers and causes damage to expensive equipment. The accumulation of dust in a building creates a devastating fire and explosion risk that can be fatal.

Our Dust Control Products Include:

  • Centrifugal Fans – blowers that move air (or gases) most often through tubes or duct work.
  • Air Circulators & Cyclones – fans that help keep air from getting stagnant while also delivering a comforting breeze.
  • Baghouse Filters / Dust Collection Filters – fabric air filters that collect dust and other particles and separate them from the clean air supply.
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleanup Systems – apparatuses that remove any rogue dirt, debris, and dust from the work area.

All of these components contribute to the overall performance of a facility’s dust control system. There are many different options within each category depending on the size of facilities, intended workload, and type of debris most commonly being removed.

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