Featuring three fully equipped sheet metal fabrication facilities, the talented trades team at VETS is able to design, build and install a full range of industrial, institutional, and commercial Sheet Metal equipment across Western Canada. Over the years our list of projects has grown to include:

  • Make-up Air Sizing and Installation
  • Welded or Hammered Ductwork, Rectangular, Oval or Round
  • Dust Collection: Cyclone, Bag-house & Blow Pipe
  • Support Stands
  • Fume Exhaust
  • HVAC Controls
  • Radiant Heaters
  • Roof-top Units
  • Condensing Units

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Implementing a responsible machine use policy in your facility can help curb dust issues. The best dust control strategy involves an arsenal of diverse products. The types of dust control products you install in your facility will depend on your industry. There are several devices that can perform the same function across their respective category.

For Example:

  • Centrifugal Fans – create a forced air flow within ductwork (intake or exhaust)
  • Air Circulators – allow natural circulation of air flow in the facility itself
  • Filters – capture dust and debris either before it enters machinery or before it makes its way to the work environment
  • Vacuums – capture debris from the contained system

Why You Need Dust Control Products

  • Our other product categories include components for your facility’s HVAC system as well as pneumatic conveyors to efficiently move product. Pneumatic conveyors, air make-up units, and dampers can be used in conjunction with dust control products to help create a much safer working environment.
  • Implementing dust control is crucial in reducing the risk of starting a fire from built up debris.
  • Safety items such as spark detectors and extinguishers can eliminate fire threats. Abort gates, dampers, and explosion vents help minimize the damage to equipment and the building if a spark becomes a blast.

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