Fume Extraction Mechanic Shop

The client had a specific fume issue they were looking to solve at their mechanical shop in Red Deer, AB. The shop itself was 70,000 square feet and had 7 bays 45’W x 65’L and 50’H ready to perform repairs and maintenance on their large excavators and loaders. Some of the equipment was up to 65’ long and 20’ high. The repairs and maintenance included gouging plates up to 4 inches thick and some very heavy welding due to the size of equipment. These processes created an enormous amount of contaminate in the building and adversely affected the indoor air quality on a daily basis by emitting a thick cloud of smoke and fumes. The solution had to be versatile to adapt to the various sizes of equipment and capable of dealing with the source of the problem. The solution involved 14 swivel boom arms including 2 motorized hose reels per arm. The hose reels were operated by remote control to facilitate local source capture of fume and dust generated by the operation. The limited space available due to the crane operation required VETS to engineer a very compact swivel arm. The swivel arms were mounted 25 feet high and, with the help of the reel, could reach out up to 40 feet away from the swivel point. Originally the thought was to have these arms be easily positioned by hand, however as the length and weight of each arm increased, to have the best reach and capture the fumes produced, they became too heavy to safely move by hand. With some research our team sourced a way to simplify and fine tune each arm so it could be independently adjusted by the operator by remote control for the hose reel precise positioning and could be position easily using a rope system. The project also included an HVAC system that could supply outside fresh air and increase the building’s indoor air quality. The HVAC system was interlocked with the 14 swivel arm and zone so that the air supply & exhaust of the 14 arms could modulate and adapt to the number of welders working, therefore decrease the energy to operate and reduce the heat requirement of the building. The solution provided was completely designed, engineered, fabricated and installed by the team at VETS Sheet Metal.