Dust Control Services

Dust pollution can cause breathing problems, clog machinery and start fires or explosions. Using proper dust control services can help reduce these risks and are often mandatory for facilities that create dust and debris during the manufacturing processes.

At VETS, we work with you to determine which dust control services are required.

We are a full-scale dust control service provider here to help you develop the proper applications to ensure the safety of your employees, facility, and equipment. We specialize in not only the design and layout of these products and solutions, but manufacture them on-site and install them on your property.

Our dust collection system design and assessments paired with fume extraction services are tailored to meet your facility’s unique needs. From service, repairs, and rebuilds - we have your dust control and air flow systems covered.

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While the forestry, lumber, pulp and paper industries are becoming more focused on efficient dust abatement systems - many industries and their processes are affected by dust production. From the agriculture industry to the mining, oil and gas sector - dust collection is a critical component in facilities that create dust, fumes, and debris. Dust, debris, and fumes can lead to inferior products, unsafe working conditions, and equipment damage and possibly field-specific violations.

Our turnkey dust collection systems and comprehensive dust services allow us to meet the most complicated dust control requirements regardless of the industry.

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