VETS Facility Services Key Project Spotlight:

Full Mechanical System Upgrade

It’s the hottest day of the year, 2019. No clouds or rain in sight (unusual for this summer!). VETS’ Facility Services team is sweating it out in full uniform and PPE on the roof of an Edmonton based private college administrative building putting their exceptional skills and training to work completing an upgrade of the entire mechanical system. VETS Facility Services is a one stop shop for preventative HVAC maintenance programs but what you may NOT know our Special Projects team is capable of that and so much more. On this particular project we:

- Replaced all existing roof top units
- Replaced the existing aged single boiler with a high efficiency two boiler redundancy system
- Replaced all roof top exhaust fans
- Upgraded standard heating pumps to variable speed pumps
- Partnered with a rock star vendor to install a state of the art building management system to help with energy efficiency and remote monitoring AND
- Completed plumbing repairs and cosmetic updates to the existing mechanical room.

That’s not all, we were also able to clean up discarded equipment left on the roof top by other service providers! Do you have a Special Project you’d like us to look at? Send Adam an email at to request a site visit or quote.