Your boiler system, whether it is a condensing or non condensing, functions by heating water instead of air. While it does produce heat, it needs different care than a standard furnace to keep it functioning properly.

Water, if not treated, can cause major damage to your boiler system and major costly repairs.  Modern day boilers, compared to those from years ago are more high tech and complicated. This specialized equipment requires a properly trained technician for repairs and service.

Our boiler experts can assess the condition of your current system and give you a breakdown of what is required to have it running at peak performance. Like your automobile, these systems require regular checks and service to maintain a properly running system and to reduce down time with component failures. Call today and have one of our Boiler experts perform repairs & service for you. We specialize in brands such as:

  • Camus
  • Lockinvar
  • RBI
  • Rinnai
  • Viessman
  • Raypak
  • Teledyne Laars
  • Weil

VETS’ United Team of experts would like to make sure your boiler system provides years of harmonious heat and that you and your business, employees and customers avoid the fallout of a poorly serviced or maintained boiler system. If you’d like to have a VETS team member come out to service or evaluate your boiler system call 780-434-7476 to schedule an appointment.