Do you know what condition your heating and air conditioning equipment is in?

Commercial heating and air conditioning equipment will not only have a greater chance of failing due to lack of maintenance it will run inefficiently and shorten the life expectancy of that equipment.
Whether it’s a small furnace or a large rooftop heat/cool unit controlling the temperature of your building they need the same attention to run smoothly and efficiently.

Alberta weather can be unpredictable. A system with restricted or plugged coils or filters can cause the equipment to shut down on safety controls causing severe damage to motors, compressors and heat exchangers. This kind of damage can cost thousands of dollars all because a few filters were never replaced. Worse yet, equipment failures and repairs are a one time cost but a recent study from ASHRE stated that a dirty or plugged condense coil can increase your energy cost by up to 30%!

A Preventative Maintenance Program for your industrial air conditioning can not only save you from shivering in the cold or sweating in the unbearable heat but can actually pay for itself in energy savings throughout the year.

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