Proactive Maintenance for Worry-Free HVAC Performance

Proactive Maintenance for Worry-Free HVAC Performance

When the HVAC and Refrigeration equipment in your facility is working as it should, few occupants take notice. When equipment unexpectedly goes down or malfunctions, every occupant notices.

You know it will fail – you just don’t know when.
Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your HVAC equipment. If your operation or facility depends on the smooth running of HVAC-Refrigeration or plumbing equipment, planning for the proactive, preventive maintenance of that equipment by a qualified technician will not only extend its life, but also keep you informed of any impending failure long BEFORE it becomes a catastrophic business event.

We have a solution.
A proactive, preventive maintenance program is the solution to the problem of HVAC-R downtime and the resulting implications on cashflow, comfort and crankiness! VETS’ approach to determining the right maintenance program for your facility involves three steps.

Step 1 – Discovery Meeting
The process starts with booking a Discovery Meeting with our Partnership Development team, where we get to know your business, your facility and your specific program needs. We’ll ask lots of questions about your work, building and processes. The Discovery Meeting is an opportunity to explore if VETS is the right partner to ensure worry-free maintenance of your facility.

Step 2 – On-site Visit
Following the initial Discovery Meeting, a VETS Partnership Development team member along with one of our highly qualified Service Technicians will visit your site in person to evaluate the overall health of your HVAC-R equipment.

Step 3 – Analysis Report
VETS will provide a high level analysis of the health of your HVAC and refrigeration equipment based on life-cycle data and our years of collective experience and expertise. The report is an integral part of our approach and will help inform your maintenance budget. It takes an investment of time on both our parts to inform and create this report.

The information we gather throughout the process helps determine whether we have – or can customize – a maintenance program for you. It also helps you budget for your facility’s future maintenance and/or equipment replacement needs, easing cashflow worries with better planning.

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