Key Projects

VETS Facility Services Spotlight

VETS Facility Services has had a very productive and successful year in 2016. The team has enjoyed working with a variety of clients across various industries.  With a talented staff which includes HVAC technicians, Class A gas fitters, sheet metal mechanics, electricians and plumbers, we have been able to meet client needs in all areas of their building maintenance. In 2016 VETS Facility Services has increased our maintenance base by 30%, which is unheard of in the current economy and we’ve successfully completed projects upwards of $150,000.

2016 Highlights Include:

  • City of Edmonton 2 year HVAC contract (up from the normal one year contract)
  • City of Edmonton 2 year Plumbing & Heating contract
  • 14 new Maintenance contracts
  • Installation of 29 new tube heaters for Finning Canada
  • Replacement of 3 new boilers for the City and Greater Edmonton Foundation

VETS Facility Services has also had great success in supporting VETS Sheet Metal in joint projects such as:

  • Finning Red Deer Dust Collection upgrade
  • Nova Chemical HVAC upgrade
  • Greater Edmonton Foundation heating upgrade