Pura Air

Pura Air has designed solutions with the help of industry leaders in industrial clean air, infectious disease protocol, and global leaders in UVC germicidal light at Signify. This collaboration maximizes purification technology individually and collectively, making today’s technology even better.

Pura Air’s line of products is made up with the most recommended and tested science in air filtration--UVC germicidal light and HEPA filtration - all of which are well documented and have clinical evidence behind them.

The Advantages of Pura Air’s Approach:

  • Pura Air’s scientific approach to filtration will ensure risks are eradicated at the microscopic level by employing UV technology and medical grade HEPA filtration in the right methodology. Using high disinfection rates (LOG 1) achieved with UVC, combined with 99.99% filtration efficiency at 0.3 microns with true HEPA, allows Pura Air to effectively reach 99.99% LOG 4 reduction on the first pass through the purification unit

The Pura Air systems feature:

  • Superior UVC "kill chamber" design allows for safer, cleaner air than other systems on the market. Most portable UVGI air purifiers do not provide sufficient time and/or enough UVC dosage to be effective, thusly killing viruses at a fraction of the effectiveness of a Pura Air system. Care has been taken in the design of Pura Air’s ’kill chamber’ to create the most effective environment conducive to the use of UVC germicidal light possible.
  • Pura Air only uses scan-tested, true HEPA filters as the final filtration stage. There are a lot of ‘hepa-like’ named filters out there but they are not tested to the standards necessary to achieve actual HEPA certification and are often inferior. Being scan-tested also improves the efficiency of a true HEPA filter.
  • Pura Air also provides high ACH along with the high disinfection rates from our filtration methods to deal with the micro-organisms hanging in the air effectively and efficiently deliver clean air.
  • To date, we are the only vendor globally that has created a completely closed loop air purification system. Special applications include clinical aerosol hoods specifically for the dentistry space.
  • Pura Air solutions work to address building and mechanical limitations along with infection control protocols. Pura Air units operate independently of HVAC which helps to avoid high retrofitting costs as well as can immediately address high traffic areas. HVAC systems address the building as a whole without addressing these same areas.

A few of the Advantages of Using Pura Air Units

In addition to superior design, the units are built to integrate seamlessly and quietly into your space:

  • Powerful, Yet Quiet - All Pura Air units are tested to run lower than 62 dBA. The portable runs at 54 dBA@ 5’, the AV1000 is 52-62 dBA depending on speed and the TC1200 is 61 dBA. To illustrate, 60 dBA is the level of normal conversations and dishwashers. 50 dBA is moderate rainfall.
  • Increased Air Changes - Using Pura Air units helps to decrease fallow time for dentists and medical facilities through providing increased air changes per hour and high disinfection rates—particularly in our source capture units that further address the risk at source.
  • Reduce Absenteeism - By improving IAQ, Pura Air systems can add to your layered infection protocols and help to reduce employee sick time and improving productivity.
  • Increased Confidence - By improving IAQ and communicating having a Pura Air system in your facility, can increase confidence in safety of the environment for your staff, patients, and visitors alike.

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