Air By Design - Air Sanitation Systems

Indoor Air Quality is a hot topic today, and for good reason. Although indoor air quality has always been important, AirByDesign understands that providing clean and safe indoor air is vital, perhaps now more than ever, to families, businesses, and communities.

Our board-certified AirByDesign air purifiers use only the latest in air filtration technology to provide solutions to improve your building’s indoor air quality. We’ve designed a product for every indoor environment including high-density spaces like offices and classrooms, and small, low-traffic spaces like homes and hotel rooms. Each of our air purifiers is equipped with multiple layers of control. The controls vary per application but some technologies we utilize are HEPA filters (99.97% effective), carbon filters, photocatalytic filters, plasma, and UL2998 UV-C lighting.

These controls reduce and eliminate harmful viruses, dust, allergens, other contaminants, and even unpleasant odors. So, take a deep breath and trust that your building’s occupants are breathing the cleanest, and safest, air possible. 

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