VETS Facility Services carries a full compliment of Canadian manufactured air purification and air sanitation units. Each line of commercial indoor air cleaning options aligns with  the VETS approach in that they put ’engineering first’. This means that each product line we recommend has done the research to establish the best combination of filtration, air changes, and UV light to achieve a high standard of purified indoor air. Whether you choose a unit that is manufactured in Canada or overseas, it will be backed by engineering completed with efficiency and accuracy in mind.

Air By Design - AirByDesign’s standalone and integrated HVAC solutions offer a clean air environment that is as good or better than outdoor air.  All our units utilize multiple layers of control which range from MERV Filters, Certified HEPA Filters, Carbon Filters, Photocatalytic Oxidation, UV Lights and Plasma. With multiple layers of protection, an Air by Design unit will capture and kill 99.97% of organic and inorganic particles. Take a deep breath and trust that your building’s occupants are breathing the cleanest, and safest, air possible by design. Click here to learn more about Air by Design’s range of products. 

Pura Air - Pura Air has designed solutions with the help of industry leaders in industrial clean air, infectious disease protocol, and global leaders in UVC germicidal light at Signify. These Canadian manufactured units pass air through a high dose UVC kill chamber specifically designed to created the most effective environment conducive to the use of UVC germicidal light. This along with a sleek design and scan-tested true HEPA filtration makes Pura Air an excellent choice. Click here to learn more about a Pura Air Purification system.