The VETS Group maintains a diligent focus on quality and integrity. For decades, our customers have trusted us to assist their growth and evolution.  We are an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable company that gets the job done and treats you with respect at every stage of the process.

Our team is guided by the following values:

H - Human Leadership

Human Leadership means striving to do what’s right and that means what’s right for VETS clients, for the industry and for the company itself. This value encompasses the need for sincerity and compassion as well as making tough decisions and leading by example - no matter what position you hold in the company.

O - Ownership Mentality

Ownership Mentality is treating the work we do and the tools you work with as if you were paying for them.  It also means treating our customers as we would our friends.

N – Nurturing Environment

A Nurturing Environment is one that encourages and allows for growth, both personal and professional, while having a good time.

O – Open Communication

Open Communication throughout VETS refers to an open door policy.  We are committed to openly sharing information so that we can create superior products, a superior team and solid relationships.

U – United Team

A United Team acts as one.  Whether it is estimating, administration, shop or field crews, no one function of a company should operate independently.  At VETS, we pitch in and work together to achieve the best results.

R – Renowned Craftsmanship

Renowned Craftsmanship stands out from the competition and instills pride in those who produce it.  We will hold ourselves to a higher standard, take pride in what we do, and showcase our success.

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