Building Healthy and Comfortable Environments

It’s our purpose – it includes fresh air, clean water, and a healthy environment for your staff. We can only achieve it by working hard to understand your needs and make them reality. Whether you have students in a classroom, a doctor in an operating room, or a million people in a City near a river – if we have done our work, they can do theirs.

In a market with so many types of contracts and construction scenarios, VETS is here to help you figure out the best approach to your Mechanical issues. We have worked across Alberta since 1921, and can assure you that successful contracting has never followed a clear path. Things change. The environment, the law; the needs of the customer.

VETS Mechanical offers you a Prime Mechanical solution. After all, why not choose a Prime Mechanical firm with almost one hundred years of mechanical service?

What is Prime Mechanical? Prime Mechanical is a firm that organizes and manages the construction of a project’s mechanical divisions. Thus; the plumbing, HVAC heating & cooling units, refrigeration, sprinklers, insulation, and controls are managed by VETS Mechanical 

What can you expect from us?

  • A fully qualified management team, supported by the best tradespeople in the industry.
  • The best estimators in the industry providing competitive quotes; acquiring pricing from leading subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Superintendents and foremen that have the experience necessary to meet the demands of your project.
  • Tradespeople and site management focused on renowned craftsmanship and safe working conditions.
  • Office systems and support that enhance the value of your information, before, during; and after the project is complete.

The synergy of The VETS Group multi shop (mechanical, sheet metal and air services) is the core to our success in competitive, quality driven markets. A complete job to us is not just a one year warranty, it is the pride of having our Air Services group maintain that building in peak condition for years to come.


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